My art is the result of my personal inward journeys.  I create art to verify my own experiences and to awaken some common thread of universal consciousness that runs through all of us, an acknowledgement of sameness of experience, of unity.  I want to enliven the viewer to be conscious of the multi-dimensional levels of life.


Hiking in the woods, I am at home among nurturing friends, whether they are birch, oak or pine.  Among trees, I feel at peace, as if right now this moment is enough.  My intent with these paintings is to express the spirit of trees, bringing to the viewer the sense of reverence I feel. 

El Arbol de Tule is a 2,000 year old swamp cypress tree living outside Oaxaca, Mexico.  Children point out animal shapes in its giant trunk.  The region is no longer swampy, so the local community has installed an extensive underground irrigation system to feed this sacred tree.   

Many of the images in this show are from the North Shore of Lake Superior.  Hiking near Tofte, I came to a forest of birch trees, which became my Cathedral of Birches Sacred Cedars and Twilight Cedar are at the top of the Cascade River trail.  I found the Artist's Point Birch at artistsí point in Grand Marais.  The Crone lives in Grand Portage. 

Some of my art was created near Siren, Wisconsin, before and after a tornado ripped through the area and destroyed everything in its mile wide and 65 mile long path.  About a year after the tornado, a forest fire consumed all that remained in one area.  I was devastated by the loss and had to document the event in some way.  I have honored these trees with Fire Totem.  Observing the woods heal is also healing for me.


Following her college graduation, she opened a retail business selling her work as well as the work of other area artists. She worked as a studio potter making her own glazes and fired her wheel thrown functional stoneware in a  large outdoor gas kiln.  It was while working toward her Bachelor of Fine Arts that she began exploring drawing, pastel painting and collage as ways of expressing her internal vision.  During this time, she discovered the world of meditation, shamanism and healing, which remain influential in her art today.  Rosemary currently works in clay, pastel painting and collage.

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